10mw Red Laser Light Fiber Optic Cable Tester Visual Fault Locator also 10KM Checker

Brand Name:BestsTec
Fiber Type:Single Mode
Connector Type:SC/UPC
Compatible: Huawei
Output Power:10mw


pen red light emitting device by using 650nm semiconductor laser to emit red light, stable, and optical interface is connected into themultimode and single-mode optical fiber, optical fiber fault detection function.Optical engineering construction, network maintenance, fiber optical devices indispen sable production and research tools.


well LD as light source
CW and MOD mode
FC, SC, ST interface
detection distance
stable power output
low power
nanotechnology multiple electrostatic protection
rugged enclosure
pen shape design, convenient to carry and use

fiber breakage, bending failure location
Fault check Ø OTDR dead zone
end-to-end optical recognition
mechanical connection point optimization


Telecom, CATV engineering and maintenance
integrated wiring construction and maintenance
The production and research of optical devices Ø
other optical engineering

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