AV6481 Fiber Fusion splicing machine

Brand Name:BestsTech
Applicable fiber:SM, MM, DS, and NZDSActual
Average loss: 0.02dB(SMF);0.01dB(MMF);0.04dB(DSF);0.04dB(NZDSF)
Splicing Time: 7S
Heating Time:18SFiber
Display: High-performance 4.3 inch LCD
Mode:Six motors Auto focusOperating
Conditions:Temp:-10~50℃;hum: 0~95%RH,height above sea level:0~6000m
Dimensions:120mm(W)×130mm(H)×154mm(D)(without rubber anti-vibration pad)
Weight: 1.59kg(host engine),0.37kg(battery)



AV6481 Touch screen Automatic FTTH Fiber Optic Splicing Machine Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer
Fiber Fusion splicing machine Joint Welding Machine English menu 7s Fast Splicing


1.Precise fiber core alignment, ultra-low fiber fusion splicing consumption
2.7s fast fusion splicing, 18s highly efficient heating.
3.320 times image magnification, 5mm fusion splicing for fibers of ultra-short cutting length
4.300 groups of fusion splicing modes, 100 groups of heating modes
5.10000 groups of fusion records, 64 images storage
6.Ceramic presser foot, ceramic V-block, all-in-one fixture
7.Dual-direction splicing, automatic splicing, intelligent pyrocondensation
8.USB and SD card interfaces, U-disk automatic software upgrade
9.Built-in modular lithium battery, supports 220 times of splicing and heating cycles

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