Fiber Endface Melter(FEM200)

Dimension :185×94×53mm


Melting time: one second

Fiber display on screen:300 times larger

Screen size:3.5 inch

Battery capacity: 3000mA/h,>1000 times

Arc times:>20000times



Product introduction:

Fiber endface melter is an equipment used for optical fiber endface melting-polishing, also with fiber endface detection function. Not only it can polish the fiber endface by the hot melt into a spherical surface to eliminate fiber endface defects, but also can observe the whole process and effect of fiber endface polishing, improve the efficiency of optical fiber termination and ensure the performance of fiber connection.

Main product features:

1. Applied to single-mode fiber (SMF / G.652), bending insensitive fiber (BIF / G.657);

2. Applied to 2 × 3 drop cable, Ø2.0 and Ø3.0 indoor cable, 0.9 invisiblecable

3. Easy to take:small, weight is only 700g;

4. Easy to use:simple to operate, can learn fast;

5. Save material:microcurrent,low power,arc 20000 times without changing electrode;

6. Long battery life :use over 1000 times once recharge, no need to recharge over one week;

7. High termination rate:Fiber endface melter and inspect at the same time, make termination successfully. Success rate of one time(assembly) ≥ 95%.

Technical data:


Dimension 185×94×53mm
G.W 660 g
Fiber no. Single
Melting time one second
Usage condition Relative Humidity 0~90%.

Temperature -10~50℃

Storage condition Relative Humidity 0~90%,

Temperature -40~85℃

Fiber display on screen 300 times larger
Screen size 3.5 inch
Vol/Ele  DC:9V/1500mA
Battery capacity 3000mA/h,>1000 times
Arc times >20000 times



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