Fusion Splicer KOMSHINE FX35 Optical Fiber Fusion Splicing Machine Kit w/ Fiber Optic Cleaver

Brand Name:komshine
Fiber Type:Single Mode
Connector Type:SC/APC
Model Number:T40Item
Applicable Fiber:SM, MM, DS, NZDS
Manufacturing Experience:10 Years
Splicing Time:8 Sec.
Heating Time:25 Sec.
Fiber Aligning Method:Core to core
Typical Splice Loss:0.02dB
OEM Service :Available



Fusion Splicer KOMSHINE FX35 Optical Fiber Fusion Splicing Machine Kit w/ Fiber Optic Cleaver

KOMSHINE FX35 FTTH Fiber Optic Splicing Machine Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer Welding Machine w/ Fiber Cleaver

1. Real Core to Core Alignment; Fiber Core Visible on the Screen

2. Average Splicing Loss: 0.01dB

3. 7800mAh Huge Capacity Battery up to 330 Splicing & Heating

4. Can Splice 250um, 900um, Jump Cable and Drop Cable


Applicable fibers SM MM DS NZDS
Fiber diameter Cladding diameter:80-150μm; Coating diameter:100-1000μm
Fiber count Single
Fiber cleaved length 12-16mm (Coating diameter:250μm)
Actual average splice loss 0.02dB(SM), 0.01dB(MM), 0.04dB(DS), 0.04dB(NZDS)
Typical splicing time Typical 9 sec (standard SM fiber)
Return loss >60dB
Splicing mode Auto Calibrate Normal Special
Fiber aligning method Meticulous,Core,Clad,Manual
Splicing program 53 (templet), 40(user)
Tube heating program 9 (templet),24(user)
Tube typical heating time Typical 25 sec
Protection sleeve length 60mm, 40mm
Storage of splice result 4000 results, 20 parameter per result
Fiber image magnification 300X (X or Y view),150X (X and Y view)
Battery capacity Typical 160 cycles (splice/tube heat with inner Li-battery)
Monitor 5.7 inch color LCD monitor
Tension test 2N
Electrode life 4000
Terminal USB
Power supply AC 100-240V with AC adapter Inner Li-battery (7800mAH) DC 13.5V
Operating condition 0-5000m above sea level, -10-50OC Max wind velocity of 15m/s
Dimension 150mm(L)×150mm(W)×150mm(H)
Weight 2.55Kg excluding battery,3.05Kg including battery

Standard Package:

1. FX35 Fusion Splicer
2. KFC-33 High Precision Fiber Cleaver
3. Tri-hole Fiber Coat Stripper
4. Kimwipes Lint-Wipers 280 wipers/box
5. Instruction CD
6. Fusion Splice Protection Sleeves 500ea
7. Internal Battery
8. Charger, AC Power Cord
9. Spare Electrodes (one pair)
10.Cooling Tray, Alcohol Pump Bottle, Blower Brush
11.User Manual
12.Carrying Case

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