TL-37 Fiber Cleaver Optical Fiber

Brand Name:BestsTec
Applicable fibers:Silica optical fiber
Coating Diameter:250um ~ 900um
Bare fiber diameter: 125um
Typical Cleave Angle:within 0.5 Degrees
Blade Life>48,000 cleaves
Cleave Length:5~20mm
Cleaver Dimensions:60 x 57 x 45mm


optical fiber cutting knife cable fiber cleaver hot melt cold joint general high precision optical fiber cutting knife

The optical fiber cutter in workmanship, materials and design than the previous cutter is greatly improved, small volume, convenient use, fine workmanship.
To solve the fiber cutting, cuttingsection is not neat, constantly repeated problems, so that the construction personnel constructionsmoothly, safely without fear
of signal attenuation caused by cutting.


The American imported super alloy material, hardness greater than >HV450, high hardness
Imported CNC machining centers, precision machining, high precision
With super hard surface treatment, the hardening layer of up to 80 m, not easy to scratch
For single core optical fiber, optical fiber ribbon, FTTH indoor cable
A broken fiber end face, neat
Small volume, light weight, convenient assembly and disassembly
Continuous cutting more than 48000 times
Ultra high rigidity imported blade, long service life of the blade
Imported rails with stable quality


1, using imported ultra-fine particle tungsten steel as raw material, the production process leadingto
2, the large size of the blade, rotary 16 position
3, each position of cutting life is more than 3000 times,
4, the cutting angle less than 0.5 degrees
5, in the 300 times amplification curve blade, complete, no uneven
6, the quality is stable, reliable

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